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Developing a Cutting-Edge Medical Website

A website for doctors is one of the essential tools for patients to get the needed info. Clients like to compare information before entrusting their health to a specialist. The medical site’s priority is to create the right impression and give users everything to make a correct decision. How to make that possible? Nabali Development knows a lot about it.

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Our clients can count on a round-the-clock customer support. Nabali Development’s representatives are always online and ready to help. You can always count on our professional advice related to technical issues, design, marketing and even branding uncertainties.

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Our product designing process includes all necessary stages: the product defining concept, user analysis, idea construction and logo design. The final aspects are product design testing paired with validation activities.

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Our techniques are designed to make your product stand out as much as possible. Which is why we implement Perfect-pixel design, which adds depth to the web pages display. Our task is to create a perfect-pixel alignment that improves user-friendliness of your digital projects.


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The real numbers and statistical indications speak volumes about our company’s operating results. Many years of experience and a track record in the web development sphere makes Nabali Development a trustworthy partner.


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General requirements

Regardless of the type, content, plug-ins and forms, sites for doctors should meet general requirements. Here are the most important of them. The site will be successful if all items on the list are respected.

Schedule data. The users must know when the doctor can see them. Opening hours must be written in one of the most visible areas of the web resource. The availability of this information determines the number of requests from site visitors.

Comprehensive information about the doctor’s qualifications. Custom websites for doctors should inspire confidence in the particular specialist. Information about the doctor’s education and experience, licenses and diplomas, and patient reviews are mandatory. It is also important to properly organize these data and arrange them correctly.

Intuitive design. Clear structure, precise language, and moderately bright colors are all components of an attractive website design for doctors. The person must navigate as quickly as possible and find what they are looking for. To manage the user’s perception, we form a hierarchy of elements. In other words, we adjust the size of visual elements and color saturation.

Online doctor appointment. The online appointment function is the endpoint where the potential client stops. You need a simple and straightforward request form to make the visitor a patient. Also, the option for choosing a date and time is required.

Excellent search engine optimization.Every interested person should easily find your site. Otherwise, only some of the previous work will benefit. Our website development team creates sites ready to promote in Google. Furthermore, they are configured with basic search engine optimization; the necessary SEO-modules are connected.

Features of the website’s structure

What can make web design and development for doctors successful? The answer is the correct internal structure. To achieve the ideal result, it is necessary to analyze the competitors and embody the client’s individual ideas. Both conditions are essential for understanding which navigation is most convenient.

An excellent medical site should contain the following main points.

  • Home page of the site with basic information about the specialist. It is desirable to have a photo and video presentation highlighting the advantages.
  • Main menu with directions and subcategories. One needs to write in detail about the services.
  • Page with customer reviews.
  • Price list.
  • Contact details and social media links.

Depending on the purpose, the structure of the Internet resource will have its characteristics. If the site is planned for teaching activities, there should be a section on what the specialist teaches. It is also necessary to schedule lectures, webinars, and conferences with the possibility of registration for these events.

If a site is created for PR and to increase recognizability, there should be a lot of photo and video content. The focus should be on the gallery, structured by albums, preferably with the possibility of adding captures.

Stages of work

Our website development services for doctors always reach their target due to the experience and developed system of work. The following stages allow us to keep a balance of quality and speed.

Taking a deep dive into the topic after identifying any gaps. Website development for doctors starts with an in-depth study of the topic. Our company becomes familiar with the objectives and nuances of processes in a particular industry. We research who the target market is, who the competition is, and all the requirements outlined by the client.

Formulation of requirements. The site’s layout is created and sanctioned by our developers. It’s an early model, a mental picture of how the site would eventually appear. We achieve this by detailing the system’s technical specifications, each of its functional modules, its core search engine optimization factors, and its user types.

Design. When the layout is ready, it’s time for web design for doctors. A design idea is conceived once the prototype is accepted. Our designers create both the desktop and mobile versions of all of the site’s internal pages.

Integration. Pictures are transformed into working items by our professional team. We care for flexible layout, control system integration, and primary functionality programming. Also, updated texts and photographs can also be added to the site. If necessary, we do it ourselves.

Testing and running. We use different browsers and devices for testing. Then, we move the project to a functional server, test it, and run it.

Why us

We are a big group of experts dedicated to providing our customers with quality, creative and cost effective IT solutions. Our websites are fully aligned with the branding and marketing initiatives. We have been producing high-quality websites for over a decade and a half.

Keeping up with the times is essential to present each customer in the best possible light. Our web development company always works to improve our technological infrastructure, research methods, and operational procedures. Each team member brings unique skills to the table. Together we can carry out any project with maximum efficiency.

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