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Do you want to get rid of an old or extra vehicle and do some good at the same time? Donate it to ArtLinks now! Support diversity, support culture, make a difference and benefit yourself – get the maximum possible tax deduction for your charity vehicle donation!

ArtLinksVehicle.com, developed by Nabali Development, is a unique platform brought to you by ArtLinks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Our mission is to promote peace and unity by harnessing the power of art, culture, and education.

At ArtLinksVehicle.com, we believe in the transformative impact of art in fostering diversity and understanding. Our platform serves as a hub for artists, art enthusiasts, and individuals passionate about creating positive change. Through our curated collection of artworks, cultural events, and educational initiatives, we aim to unite people from all backgrounds and promote inclusivity.

As a peace-making organization, ArtLinks strives to create a safe space for diverse voices to be heard and celebrated. We facilitate connections and collaborations between artists, provide educational resources, and foster dialogue that transcends boundaries. Our goal is to inspire and empower individuals to make a difference through artistic expression.

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